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Posted on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 6:36 pm. About Ramblings.

Our move so far

At this point, the move from Seattle to Charlotte has been fairly smooth. I finally saw Crater Lake, have had plenty of time to play with the kids, and I’ve run in both Oregon and Montana. For the past two days we have camped near Yellowstone National Park, and tomorrow we are venturing to South Dakota. I am appreciating Teddy Roosevelt on this trip, and respect his wisdom in setting aside so much of this land so that I might see it the way Americans viewed it over a hundred years ago.

Gabriel and me, taking in the morning at Crater Lake. He barely noticed the mountains and lake, instead focusing on the snow, rocks, and sticks.

Yes, Crater Lake is really this blue.

Caroline plays in the backpack after a hike in Montana. She has been such a delightful traveler!

Evan and Caroline, playing in the RV

Gabriel and me at Yellowstone

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