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Our move so far  0

Posted on July 6th, 2010. About Ramblings.

At this point, the move from Seattle to Charlotte has been fairly smooth. I finally saw Crater Lake, have had plenty of time to play with the kids, and I’ve run in both Oregon and Montana. For the past two days we have camped near Yellowstone National Park, and tomorrow we are venturing to South Dakota. I am appreciating Teddy Roosevelt on this trip, and respect his wisdom in setting aside so much of this land so that I might see it the way Americans viewed it over a hundred years ago.

Gabriel and me, taking in the morning at Crater Lake. He barely noticed the mountains and lake, instead focusing on the snow, rocks, and sticks.

Yes, Crater Lake is really this blue.

Caroline plays in the backpack after a hike in Montana. She has been such a delightful traveler!

Evan and Caroline, playing in the RV

Gabriel and me at Yellowstone

Twenty years ago on this date…  0

Posted on July 3rd, 2010. About Ramblings.

…a timber rattlesnake bit me on the foot. I was in my backyard in Chapin, South Carolina, and stepped near a bush surrounded by brush to gather my cat.

As a medical student years later, I found learning about the treatment of venomous snake bites completely fascinating. The snake’s toxin, immunizing horses against this toxin, and then harvesting the serum to infuse into humans who have been bitten. It made so much sense. Before I received my first dose of “anti-venom” I remember a small amount being injected subcutaneously in my forearm. I had this “A-ha!” moment when I realized that the ER doctor was assessing for hypersensitivity. Fortunately there was none.

I have felt sheer gratitude for my right foot ever since. It has served me well.

Farewell, Seattle  0

Posted on July 2nd, 2010. About Ramblings.

I’m typing this in the midst of my cross-country move from Seattle to North Carolina. My vascular neurology fellowship ended on June 30th, and with it the non-stop “schooling” that began when I was three years old. What to do now that real life is about to commence?

I’m reflecting on what I will miss about Seattle, and the answer is – almost everything. It is a fantastic place, and I have truly loved my five years there. In keeping with my need to write about everything, I will compile a list. What will I miss the most?

  • My colleagues from my Harborview/UW experiences who have evolved into friends
  • The amazing friends (outside of the hospital walls) I have been fortunate to make, and will hopefully keep for many years
  • My condo and its lovely view of the Olympic Mountains, Puget Sound, and the downtown skyline


  • The open-mindedness of the Pacific Northwest residents (and with this, progressive ideology – though minus the “analysis paralysis” that grips the city at times)
  • Snow skiing available at the conclusion of a 45 minute straight-shot on I-90
  • Speaking of I-90, running to Mercer Island on the I-90 pedestrian bridge while enjoying peeks at Mount Rainier
  • Two of my own doctors who have positively impacted my life (and presumably they will know who they are if they ever see this)
  • The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
  • Issaquah’s “Salmon Days” Festival
  • Speaking of salmon – the ready availability of Copper River salmon
  • Washington red wine!
  • Green Lake (and Super Jock N Jill – an awesome running store)
  • Walking to work, or chatting with random Seattleites on the bus while commuting on rainy days
  • The Starbucks at 23rd & Jackson in the Central District
  • Brunch at Salty’s on Alki, and along those lines – regular family lunches at Cactus after watching Gabriel play at Madison Park
  • Not having state income tax (while acknowledging that it’s probably coming/necessary)
  • Locally produced butternut squash in the fall
  • The International District, and the inexpensive monstrous plates of Vietnamise food only a fraction of a mile from Harborview
  • Theo Chocolate (though fortunately I have located a grocery store in Charlotte that sells it)
  • Floating bridges – there is something nifty about a bridge that is actually on the water
  • The Smith Tower – a reminder of what progressive people can accomplish
  • The Columbia City Bakery – the locale for many family breakfasts
  • The enthusiasm for conservation
  • 89.5FM – hard to believe it’s a high school radio station, but it rocks

I’m certain I’m forgetting something major, but this is what my tired mind can construct at the moment. On to the next adventure, but not without saying: “Goodnight, Seattle – we love you!”

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