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Senator Joe Wilson makes himself known to the country  3

Posted on September 9th, 2009. About News and Politics.

As Evan and I watched President Obama’s speech to Congress tonight regarding his healthcare plan, an interesting point arrived during which Obama claimed his plan did not provide federal coverage for illegal immigrants. Suddenly, this shout from the audience of “You lie!!” erupted. We looked at each other and had to spend a few seconds, baffled at who could get elected to Congress, and then be so low class as to shout this at the Commander in Chief. Then, I wondered if potentially it was not a member of Congress, but some heckler who had found a way into the Chamber past security.

After the speech, my question was answered with this article. Wow. First, South Carolina elects Senator Jim DeMint, who has definitely made headlines for himself as – well, anyway, I’ll move on. Let’s just say he has been noticed, even out here in Seattle. Then, the state’s governor stole headlines for over a week with this bit about the Appalachian Trial-turned-trip-to-Argentina, not allowing the story to die (even with the death of Michael Jackson filling the air waves) because he kept holding mea culpa press conferences. Now this. WOW.

What makes “this” even more significant to me is that this guy represents the district where I grew up. He was a SC state senator when I was growing up, and I shook his hand at many a Chapin Labor Day parade. He attended our town’s high school graduations and awards ceremonies. When our long-time U.S. representative, Floyd Spence, passed away in 2001, Wilson was elected to replace him.

Apparently, fact checkers have confirmed since the speech that the healthcare reform proposed by Obama does not provide funding for those in the U.S. illegally. Regardless of how one feels on this particular subject, why would you yell “You lie!” at the president when he makes this claim, especially when it turns out the president was the one telling the truth?

WOW. How can South Carolina, a fairly small state, produce so many politicians that grab national headlines with such frequency?

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