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Considering New Year’s Resolutions  0

Posted on December 17th, 2008. About Ramblings.

So many of us make them, and most of us will break them. Ahhh, the New Year’s Resolution. In the past, mine have always been to run regularly, and then by March I’m finished, until starting again in July, and then losing steam again in October. By then, it’s time to make another resolution to run the following year. I remember one year making my resolution to read 50 books the following year, but who was I kidding? When I read a book, it takes time to finish – I have to be in the right mood, and have to savor every page rather than reading quickly. It takes me weeks, if not months, to finish a book. I have always loved to read, but now that I read so many medical charts, journal articles, and radiology/EEG/EMG reports, when I get home often the enthusiasm is lacking. I do seem to be reading an awful lot of Dr. Seuss and P.D. Eastman with a certain toddler at home, though!

So perhaps I should be setting more realistic goals for the year. Maybe if they are actually achieveable I will feel more compelled to strive towards meeting them rather than giving up when life becomes stressful and busy. Let’s try this:

  • I will shoot to read 12 books next year, one for each month.
  • I will aim to exercise for at least a 30 minute interval, three times each week.
  • I am currently on lesson 11 of my French podcast series. I will complete through lesson 40 by the end of 2009.

If I were being really manic in my New Year’s goals, one would be to finally finish the “book” I’ve been writing since May 2005 when I first moved to Seattle. Every six months I revisit it, re-edit what I have already written, write another page or two, and then set it aside again for another six months. Realistically, I’m not sure I will be finishing it in 2009, but perhaps someday.

I am pleased that I have been able to somewhat keep my blog up, despite a resident’s schedule and a little boy in my life. This seems to be the creative outlet I have maintained for myself, so I imagine I will continue to return to it until at least into my 80’s, should I be fortunate enough to enjoy that sort of longevity.

From reading the news online and talking to others, it seems most people believe that 2008 has been a very lousy year. With the war continuing and the economy in crisis, the future is definitely uncertain. Yet, I’ve found 2008 quite rewarding, mostly because it was my first full year as the mother to a wonderful boy. I have watched Gabriel grow from a helpless five month old at the beginning of January into a vivacious, passionate, and loads-of-fun toddler who runs through our home to hug me when I walk through the door each evening. How could I complain when I have those moments?

In any case, an early Happy 2009 to everyone!

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