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Yes, we did  1

Posted on November 6th, 2008. About News and Politics.

I, along with the other 64.9 million Americans who voted for him, am pleased with the election of Barack Obama as the upcoming U.S. president. I believe he will be an excellent commander-in-chief, and many of those who did not vote for him will benefit under his leadership. The press is speculating heavily on the reasons for such a clear win. I have heard it is because McCain messed up by choosing Palin as his running mate, and I have read that the economy soured McCain’s chances.

The truth is – Obama did not win because of an unforced error by McCain, or because the economy is in trouble. Obama won because he had a real message. For 21 months, he stayed consistent in his message, continued delivering it, was unwavering in his loyalty to it, and he remained optimistic. Over a two year period, he drew voters to him, rally by rally, city by city, and inspired people to believe the best. His opponents lacked a definitive, consistent message, and their strategy changed every one to two weeks. If putting down his foreign policy experience didn’t work, then it was on to Bill Ayers. When that didn’t work, it was on to accusations of socialism. It became very apparent at the end that the goal was to do whatever was necessary to get elected; by then, it was too late. Americans decided they liked Obama’s positive ideals, and finally, finally, the side using negative campaigning self-destructed.

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