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Posted on Saturday, April 5th, 2008 at 6:56 am. About Entertainment, Ramblings.

My tribute to Kelli and Joe

My cousin, Kelli, married my new cousin-in-law, Joe, in Texas last weekend, which warranted a trip down there from Evan, Little G, and me in celebration. It was a beautiful event! Kelli looked stunning in a gorgeous wedding gown. I was touched when she asked me to do a reading during the ceremony. Initially, I thought this was going to involve reading a Bible verse or a prayer, but she called me two weeks before the event and said something to the effect of: “Remember how much we always loved ’80s music? I was thinking the reading could be something about love, but with ’80s lyrics strung together – but read seriously.” I knew what she meant. When I arrived in Texas, nothing had been written, but the suggestion was made to read the Apache Prayer, which I think is very appropriate (it was read at my wedding), but I couldn’t help but feel Kelli wanted something unique. So I composed an ’80s tribute for them (remember – to be read in front of 200 people, in a serious tone):

“My 1980’s tribute to Kelli and Joe”
© Jodi Dodds, 2008

Some say love – it is a river.
Love – lifts us up where we belong.
Love – is a battlefield.

Kelli was just a Houston girl, living in a lonely world;
Joe was just an East Texas boy, an artist, in search of joy.
Now, here they are, lost in love,
and they’re getting married, because they can’t fight this feeling any longer.
The search is over.

Kelli recently finished physical therapy school in Houston while Joe was working in Austin,
And while being apart wasn’t easy on this love affair, they knew that
Every rose has its thorn,
and Joe was right here waiting for her.

Kelli – When Joe sees you smile, he can face the world.
He gets lost in your eyes.
You’re every woman in the world to him.
Now, here he is, the one that you love, asking for another day (or fifty years).
I hope you cherish the thought, of always having him here by your side.

Joe – She never thought that she could love, someone as much as she loves you. I know it’s crazy, but it’s true!
She would stop the world and melt with you.
She’s your venus, she’s your fire – she’s your desire.
You are her love, her love, her love, her endless love.

Some advice for the couple as they go forth in their marriage:

1. When trouble comes along, you must whip it.
2. Speak of your love often – say it loud, say it clear; you can listen as well as you hear. It’s too late when we die.
3. You’ve gotta have faith.
4. Enjoy your time together – right now, hey, it’s your tomorrow. Right now, come on, it’s every thing. Catch that magic moment and do it right here and now. It means everything.

Now, let’s celebrate good times with Kelli and Joe, come on!
They’ll have the time of their lives;
No, they’ve never felt like this before.
Oh, what a feeling!
I love you both, and oh – what a nice day for a white wedding.

Anyway – it was a hit. I think her guests really enjoyed it, and I know I enjoyed delivering it. Thanks, Kelli, for allowing me the podium on your very special day!

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