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Posted on Friday, March 14th, 2008 at 11:11 am. About Baby Dodds.

Revisiting Pampers diapers

After becoming a new mother, I posted an entry on this blog providing unsolicited advice to first-time parents, covering topics from breastfeeding to diapers. I had mentioned my enthusiasm for Pampers Swaddlers in that entry, and shortly after writing about this, a member of the marketing team for Pampers contacted me, asking for further feedback on their products. She sent me a package of Pampers Cruisers and Pampers Unscented Natural Aloe Wipes to use in order to write an adequate review for my blog.

I wanted to wait until Gabriel was mobile enough to adequately test the Cruisers, as these are diapers designed for “newly active to walking babies.” Gabriel is not walking, but is vigorously rolling across the room, swiveling his hips to redirect his movement, and is, indeed, quite active. At eight months of age now, and with this vigorous activity, it seemed a good time to test the Cruisers.

I’ll start with the Aloe Wipes, because this part of my review is pretty straight-forward. After using several brands of baby wipes, I have never noticed a particular difference between them. They all clean up poop nicely, and none seem particularly irritating to Gabriel’s skin. He has a diaper rash at the moment, which I think is due to moving to a more formula-heavy and breastmilk-reduced diet in addition to a lot of new solids over the past few months, and any wipes are going to sting. Wet wash rags are the kindest thing for this during diaper changes, along with air-drying, A&D ointment, and either Vasoline or Aquaphor prior to going to bed.

Now, onto diapers. I, personally, prefer the Pampers to Huggies, which we had been purchasing because they can be obtained at Costco in bulk at a lower price. We used Pampers Swaddlers almost exclusively when Gabriel with a newborn, but as he grew we switched over to the Huggies because of the price difference. It has been interesting returning to Pampers because they are so different from what I had grown used to. I like that Pampers do not leak. Occasionally if Gabriel has a very large poopy explosion, some of it will escape up through the top of the Huggies diaper. He did have at least one large poopy diaper in the Pampers Cruisers diapers, and it retained the material nicely. 🙂 They also fit very well – the fasteners are more flexible, and the waist section stretches more to conform to the shape of his abdomen snuggly without being tight. I can also easily tell if he is wet just by feeling the front of the diaper through his pants, as the diaper puffs out quite a bit when it becomes wet. I can’t always tell with the Huggies if he is truly wet or not, and then have to endure the hassle of finding a changing table and checking, only to find that his diaper does not need changing.

I asked Evan for his opinion on the Cruisers vs. Huggies, and he also preferred the Cruisers for the reasons above, but also because he likes the Sesame Street characters featured on the Pampers diapers as opposed to the Disney characters on the Huggies (of course, not a reason to spend extra on a diaper, but Gabriel enjoys his Sesame Street CD and Cookie Monster doll).

Then, I asked our nanny which diaper she preferred, and she actually liked the Huggies diaper more. She asserts that the Pampers diaper evenly distributes moisture throughout the diaper instead of containing it in one area, while the Huggies diaper seems to absorb moisture locally without distributing it. I had not noticed this initially, but it did seem to be true on further diaper changes.

Maybe some day I will be brave enough to attempt the cloth diapers. I know they are better for the environment, although given how much laundry we run now and after seeing our water bill for the last month, I’m not sure that would be a great option either. Maybe if I could wash them in a pure, microbe-free stream running behind my house, although that would still be putting waste into the environment. I’m not sure there is an ideal, earth-friendly solution to keeping babies diapered.

My advice for brand new parents remains the same – when bringing a new baby home from the hospital, the Pampers Swaddlers are the way to go. They are worth the extra expense because they fit so snuggly and they don’t leak. Now that Gabriel is older, the difference between the two brands is not as noticeable to me, and we will likely continue to purchase the Huggies diapers at Costco, given all of the other expenses that babies bring. If Pampers were to start selling diapers in bulk at Costco, we would probably make the switch.

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