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Posted on Sunday, February 10th, 2008 at 10:49 pm. About Baby Dodds, News and Politics.

My first caucus!

It was not only my first caucus, but Evan’s and Gabriel’s as well. See Evan’s blog post on this topic for full details of the numbers from our precinct – let’s just say the turnout was HUGE. There were more people packed into Washington Middle School yesterday for the Democratic caucus than there are on a typical school day. Our particular precinct was to hold its caucus in a normal-sized classroom as about 30-50 people were expected. The room was packed – shoulder-to-shoulder people stood. Evan tells me 173 people from our caucus showed up – that’s a lot of people standing in a classroom (and spreading to the hallway). Here is a picture of G and I at our first caucus:


I agonized for weeks over the decision as to who I would support. Initially I, like many residents of Washington state, did not think our caucus would matter that much because it fell after Super Tuesday, but about one week prior to Super Tuesday I had a feeling we would have a say. Anyone who has had to work with me has endured my annoying vocalized contemplations over who my candidate would be – but in the end, I am very pleased with both Clinton and Obama, and I think we could have worse problems than two inspiring, intelligent people battling to run the country.

Hillary Clinton visited Seattle on Thursday, and I thought, “It’s too bad her visit is during the work week because I can’t go.” On Friday, Barack Obama visited, and as I drove to work, I thought, “I absolutely have to find a way to attend this rally because I’m dying to hear him speak.” I realized my decision had been made – it took a lot of effort and motivation to get to Key Arena to hear him speak, and it was worth it. I was happy to caucus for him yesterday, but since Gabriel attended as well, and since he had not yet had his afternoon nap, we signed in for Obama, stuck around for about ten minutes, and returned home. Evan was our precinct officer, so he had the pleasure of leading the caucus, and did an excellent job!

It will be interesting to watch the Democratic race unfold over the next few months – I say “months” because I really think this one could be decided at the convention. I hope it isn’t, though – there will be a lot of disappointed Democrats if they hope until August, and then lose -there may not be enough time for healing before November if that happens. But we’ll see. I’m excited that what could be the turning point in the election did not occur in New Hampshire, or in South Carolina or on Super Tuesday – but this past weekend, when Washington, Nebraska, Louisiana, and Maine all decisively went for Obama.

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