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My Political Update  3

Posted on January 11th, 2008. About News and Politics.

First of all, since Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary, why are the pundits now questioning whether Barack Obama really has what it takes to win? Clinton won by all of about 11,000 votes in a very small state after losing to Obama in a larger one (Iowa). Plus, Obama and Clinton received the same number of delegates in New Hampshire, overall he is leading in the number of delegates (albeit narrowly – 25 to 24), and a candidate needs 2,025 delegates to be the nominee. It appears to me the race has only barely begun, so how can the race be called? Are some of these people the same people who called Florida for Gore, then Bush, then “too close to call”?

I’d also like to know why Fred Thompson haughtily puts Ron Paul down so frequently – Thompson is so condescending, and I believe it was Paul who got 8% in New Hampshire compared to Thompson’s 1%. Hmm…

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