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Posted on Sunday, January 6th, 2008 at 9:25 am. About Baby Dodds, News and Politics.

Gabriel is punished for refusing his nap

This morning, Gabriel became screechy and cranky and needed to go down for a nap. When he was placed in his crib, he was moaning and fussing. We had recorded the ABC Republican debate and were watching it in the living room. After a few minutes of fussing, once we realized G was not going to be falling asleep anytime soon, Evan got up from the couch, went into the nursery, and said, “Okay, little boy. You asked for it. Now you get to listen to what John McCain thinks of healthcare.”

My guess is G will be asleep within minutes. 🙂

A quick comment about the debate itself – Mitt Romney made the almost laughable comment that if someone can afford health insurance and chooses not to buy it, then he should pay for his own healthcare interventions. My first thought was – so if a person making $50,000 chooses to send his child to college rather than paying for health insurance, then we tell him – sorry, you should have spent that money on health insurance instead? Romney then went on to explain if the patient has to go to the hospital and pay “$1000” because he needs “some sort of repair” he should be responsible for it. I appreciated Huckabee’s response – that a kleenex in a hospital these days will run $1000. This interaction reminded me of Bush, Sr. not knowing how much a gallon of milk would cost. Romney is so out of touch with what it is like to live as a normal person in America. He is my least favorite of the major candidates from either party. Does he even realize that a single MRI out of pocket is more than $1000?

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