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Kids and Money  1

Posted on December 22nd, 2007. About Money, Ramblings.

Evan and I frequently discuss how we are going to teach Little G and his future siblings fiscal responsibility. Goodness knows, in this era we cannot depend on the government to set a good example. I recently became acquainted with the Seattle-based company, Moonjar, and liked what I saw. The company creates toys and books designed to teach children how to properly manage money. I love it!

Here is their bank for children (subdivided into three sections – for spending, saving, and giving):


It’s a simple, but brilliant idea. I got one of these for my honorary niece, four-year-old Emilyanne, and I hope that she will put it to good use. When she makes her first million in the market at 16 after becoming a silver-preferred donor to the local symphony, I’ll write another review of the product. I look forward to teaching Gabriel with toys such as this very soon!

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