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G is five months old!  0

Posted on December 18th, 2007. About Baby Dodds.

The fifth month was a big one for Little G – on several occasions we discovered him sleeping belly-down in his crib (and once with a big crease across his face from the fold in the fitted sheet), he got his two bottom central incisors, and he began consistently wearing 6-9 month clothes. His hair has grown, although it is still so lightly colored it’s not always apparent. He also celebrated his first Thanksgiving, and he met Santa the very next day!

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He saw snow for the first time and made his first snow angel.


The pediatrician also told us we could start rice cereal between four and six months, which we did, after receiving his very nifty dark wooden high chair from his grandmother, BG. However, three days later, I panicked and thought it was too early to have him on solids, since he developed a diaper rash. Of course, then he got his two teeth a few days after that, so I likely was misinformed in the cause-effect relationship.


Most significantly, I’m crazier about him now than I was a month ago, which I did not think was possible. He is the sweetest thing I’ve ever encountered. I had a call night last week during which I only admitted one patient in the evening, and then actually got a good night’s sleep. And yet, it was so sad, because I could not be home to put him to bed that night. I hate missing moments like that, despite knowing how many moments I actually am fortunate enough to experience. Today, just being at work (which was a really good day!) left me feeling so sad because I missed him so much. I’m so looking forward to an upcoming vacation with my family!

During his sixth month, I predict he will go back on rice cereal (and do well – he was actually helping to shovel the stuff into his mouth when we initially started it), and he will gain his two top central incisors. His hair will grow more and continue to be light red. He may even learn to sit independently, although at this point he’d rather stand or lie on his back, but doesn’t care much for sitting supported. He will travel to Texas and will meet two of his three great-grandmothers, one of his two great-grandfathers, three great-aunts, two great-uncles, and six cousins. Quite a few milestones there, Little G! You’re becoming a Big G so fast – and I’m so very proud of you.

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