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Why is Wolf Blitzer a national news journalist?  2

Posted on November 19th, 2007. About News and Politics, Ramblings.

Has anyone out there ever asked this very question? CNN has given him his own cable news show, The Situation Room, which is an overstimulating experience of multiple images suffocating its viewer, and an underwhelming intellectual experience. Not only is The Situation Room on five days a week, but it is THREE HOURS LONG. That is FIFTEEN HOURS of Wolf Blitzer weekly. And if that wasn’t enough to make people pull their toenails out, CNN made him the host of the Democratic presidential candidates debate in Las Vegas last week!

Wolf Blitzer has annoyed me for years, but the recent debate has given me the smack I needed to finally blog about this. If I had to pinpoint exactly what irritates me, it goes something like this:

1. Wolf Blitzer continuously repeats himself.

2. Wolf Blitzer continuously repeats painfully obvious points.

3. He never seems to be listening to others when they are speaking. This comment is reinforced by the statements he makes when another person is finished speaking that seem tangential, at best.

4. He is not assertive and ends up appearing helpless.

5. When appearing helpless, he resorts to repeating painfully obvious points.

During this most recent of the many debates we have endured, Blitzer introduced the rules by informing the candidates that he would “gently” remind them if they were going over their allotted amount of time. Fine. Then, when the debate started, speeches between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama bounced back and forth, and during the first ten minutes I wondered if Blitzer would ever step in to allow any of the other candidates a chance to speak. Then, when Gov. Bill Richardson finally had the opportunity for air time, he was in the middle of giving an excellent answer to a question, which he stated he would answer in four parts, and after articulating parts one, two, and three, he said, “And fourth…” when Blitzer butted in and tried to cut him off. There were many awkward exchanges like this.

Suzanne Malveaux, John Roberts (the reporter, not the Justice), and Campbell Brown were all present to ask questions of the candidates. I just do not understand why Blitzer is the host, front and center, while three intelligent and interesting journalists play supporting roles in his show. It resembles the situation in The Fountainhead in which Lois Cook, the fictional author of The Gallant Gallstone (a fictional piece of fiction), is promoted to the top of the literary world because Ellsworth Toohey props her up to the public as the author that should be appreciated, and so people do just that because they are docile gullible souls. She is not talented or better than any other author, but people like her because they feel it is the acceptable thing to do.

CNN constantly tells us we should watch Wolf Blitzer in his Situation Room, and we do. Maybe he is on tv because the 24-hour cable news networks need someone who can fill three hours each day, and I must admit, he does succeed at this.

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