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What are you DOING, Gamecocks?!  2

Posted on November 6th, 2007. About Sports.

I don’t get it. I honestly don’t get it. The chicken curse is real.

After rising in the rankings to SIXTH in the nation in college football, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks are absolutely blowing their chance for a bowl game. After beating Georgia and Kentucky, they nearly lost to UNC Chapel Hill (an unranked team), and then lost big-time (in the words of Dick Cheney) to Vanderbilt (an unranked team at the time), Tennessee (an unranked team at the time), and this past weekend lost to Arkansas (another unranked team). And to rub salt in my wounds, I saw today that Clemson, our sworn enemy, is now ranked in the top 25. Watching Gamecock football in a location 3000 miles from the Palmetto State is my connection to the homeland (well, that and watching The Colbert Report as Stephen was crafting his entry into the presidential primary race in SC).

While I watch Ohio State sit in the #1 spot, I know they probably deserve it, but Oregon is having a dynamite season too! And yet – rather than acknowledging that Ohio State is awesome, my first thought is – “The Gamecocks defeated them in the Outback Bowl two years in a row, so EAT IT.” I suppose that is the loyalty that the Gamecocks enjoy from their fans – that even when they are 1-23 (which was the case my junior year in college), Williams-Brice Stadium sells out, Cocky is one of the top five most popular mascots in the country, and we still insist that we are the real USC (look it up – University of South Carolina, founded 1801, much before the University of Southern California, who stole our acronym).

We face off against Florida this weekend – maybe since they are actually a good, ranked team we may be able to beat them. Plus, we have their coach, and we defeated them last year. If they can pull this off, I may forgive them. If not, then I’ll still cheer for them anyway.

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