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Babies and red lights  0

Posted on September 20th, 2007. About Ramblings.

Since having a baby, red lights have become my enemy. Some parents out there will know what I mean – little ones in their rear-facing carseats like to keep moving, and during the late afternoon hours, a red light can send them into an insane fussy state.

Now, I get that traffic lights provide order to our society. What I don’t get is why drivers who have no intention of making a right turn choose to place themselves at the beginning of the right lane when coming up on a red light, thus preventing all of the cars with their right turn signals on behind them from making that right turn. If you approach a red light, and your intention is to continue straight through an intersection, I beg you – as the mother of a baby who can scream like you wouldn’t believe when the car is still – please do not select the right lane if there is another lane available. Please.

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