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Posted on Thursday, July 19th, 2007 at 8:52 pm. About Baby Dodds.

Gabriel has arrived!

Evan was more prompt about posting our happy news to his blog than I have been, but for time’s sake (having a new baby is demanding!), I will copy what he wrote into a blog post here. Our son is beautiful – and we are in love with him. It’s amazing how exhilarating and exhausting the role of a new parent can be.

Gabriel Evan Dodds was born Saturday the 14th at 5:47am – 31 hours after he let us know he was on his way and 3 days ahead of his due date (good thing too; we were getting impatient to meet him)! Everybody is doing just fine.

Gabriel Stats:

  • 8lb 10oz
  • 20.5”
  • Full head of red hair like his mommy!
  • He passed right over Friday the 13th and decided to be a Bastille Day baby instead. :)

Gabriel Photos (it was hard to choose just a couple from the hundreds I took!):




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