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OB Checkup – Week 38  0

Posted on July 4th, 2007. About Baby Dodds.

As our due date, July 17th, approaches, things are getting pretty exciting around here! Since my OB appointment last week, between the Braxton Hicks contractions and pressure, I knew the doctor would tell me I was just about ready to deliver. Instead, she said nothing was really different – my baby has not decided to make his arrival into the outside world yet. I thought this impossible – but yes, the due date isn’t actually for another two weeks. The fact that Evan and I are incredibly eager to become acquainted with him doesn’t seem to matter. He is happily situated at the moment! I hope he’s enjoying life in there.

I have nothing new to report this week, other than he will not be the “firecracker” my grandmother joked about (ie, he will not be born on July 4th, most likely, since that is today and I’m not in labor). Evan still thinks July 6th. I’ll stick with July 14th, but now I have a feeling he’s going to be late.

Likely Final Post on Andrew Speaker  0

Posted on July 4th, 2007. About Uncategorized.

This morning, Evan informed me that Andrew Speaker, the Georgia attorney on whom the media fixated for flying internationally while infected with XDR tuberculosis, does not actually have XDR tuberculosis.I found the article under CNN’s health section, but it was not one of the leading headlines, although I’d argue it should have been, since a paperwork glitch that questioned the legality of Speaker’s marriage was THE leading headline for a day.

Anyway – interesting story, but it turns out that his TB is resistant to some drugs, but can now actually be treated with antibiotics! You can’t expect it to be a leading headline, though – otherwise CNN might have to bump Man bites dog to rescue puppy to make room on the home page.

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