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A Total Waste  1

Posted on May 30th, 2007. About Ramblings.

My drive home from the VA Hospital on Memorial Day has sparked this particular rant. I stopped at a red light, and sat for two minutes (at least), watching a woman spray the same area on her sidewalk with water from a garden hose. Granted, there were some leaves on the sidewalk, and they were moving somewhat in response to being sprayed with water. I guess it must be WAY more efficient to spray the same patch of concrete for minutes at a time rather than, say, using a tool to manually move the leaves aside within seconds. If only such a tool existed…with a long handle for gripping, and bristles at its base for clearing debris. Alas, people like this poor woman have no choice but to suffer higher water bills while wasting clean water, to keep the sidewalks cleared.


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