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South Carolina is different!  1

Posted on May 27th, 2007. About Ramblings.

What a vague title, eh?

Evan and I made the journey across the country to South Carolina for one last trip home before the little one arrives in July. There were so many elements to the vacation that are easily blogable. I’ll begin with the prominent differences that struck me when I was back on Southern soil.

  • Billboards: Wow, are there a lot of billboards in the Carolinas! I honestly never recognized this throughout the first 26 years of my life, but after living on the West Coast for two years, it is astonishing to return to the area and to see huge ad after huge ad while driving down an interstate highway. I don’t know what else to say, other than there just do not seem to be that many in the Seattle-area. Even when driving down to Oregon there is the occasional billboard, but still…
  • Superlatives: On these billboards, as well as signs for businesses, the superlatives selected for advertising are hilarious. Examples include: “World’s largest fireworks store in the world!” or “World’s largest fireworks selection in the world!” or “Nation’s largest furniture sale!” or “Nation’s largest home sale” (this sign outside of a pre-fab home center). Just think – you can get all of this near Gaffney, South Carolina.
  • Southern Accents: I used to think that people overstated the intensity of Southern accents, but goodness – it is fun to hear them after living in a fairly accent-less area for two years. I really enjoyed conversing with Carolinians (including several of my good friends!) and appreciating the magnitude of their accents. I wonder if I have lost part of my accent, or if mine was mild initially, but the accents of others sounded unremarkable because I was surrounded by them my entire life. This was a particularly fun part of my trip, though!
  • Heat: During our first full day back in the Palmetto State, we walked around Greenville, SC’s beautiful downtown, and while the temperature was only in the 80s, I was completely overwhelmed by the heat. Perhaps part of this was being 32 weeks pregnant, or perhaps I have lost my ability to acclimate to Carolina heat. This was only May – who knows how I would handle August!
  • Gas Prices: That is to say, they are super low in South Carolina, compared to the rest of the country, yet the outrage is quite high. Stay tuned for a blog post dedicated to this observation, and the reaction of local consumers.
  • Cake frosting: Southerners still use trans-saturated fats in creating their icing, and man, is it oh-so-scrumptious!
  • Barbecue: Carolina barbecue is still the best. More on this in an upcoming post as well. 
  • Iced Tea: I’m grateful this sweet nectar is not available in Seattle, or else I would be in grave danger of becoming diabetic. It is so tempting, and so satisfying!
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