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Jesus Camp  0

Posted on May 13th, 2007. About Entertainment, News and Politics, Ramblings.

Evan and I watched Jesus Camp over the weekend – a documentary featuring children as they experience evangelical camp, during which they are further taught to speak in tongues, that abortion at any stage is murdering innocent babies, and to lay down their lives for the religious beliefs they carry.

I will not elaborate much, because I will fail to adequately describe the situation, but video footage is worth viewing. I think what stands out to me the most is how very isolated these children are. They are home-schooled, and the only other children with whom they associate are the kids at their fundamentalist churches or at their summer camps. They pass around plastic fetuses, but there is no mention of sexual education or how these babies were created. Adults are not teaching children to respect God’s beautiful planet, but they believe Global Warming is a farce.

The part I found the most amusing was the footage of Rev. Ted Haggard preaching at his church in Colorado. Of course, the film was made before we knew what is now known – that Haggard paid a male prostitute for sex and was purchasing drugs (that he never actually used, or so he says). It’s okay, though, because now he has repented, and his church has forgiven him (although not reinstated him as their minister).

So anyhow, after watching these young children dropping to their knees in tears, speaking in tongues, and telling the adult filmmakers what truth really is, I looked at Evan and said, “You know, we really need to have a LOT of children.”

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