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Another connection with Colbert – South Carolina Society Hall  1

Posted on March 31st, 2007. About Ramblings.

I should probably create a blog category for posts referencing The Colbert Report as many editions are blog-inspiring. I will not though.

On March 28th’s show, Stephen was expounding on the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars, and in this context let loose the following:

By the end of the night my wife’s feet are a-barkin’. That’s what she gets for marrying the second best all-around dancer at the South Carolina Society Hall cotillion. You can look it up.

Frequently, Stephen will make a statement on his show that I recognize as so genuine to his upbringing that it is almost astonishing to hear from someone of such fame. He is able to make reverent remarks about his homeland while still gently poking fun at the South in a way only a good Charleston-raised boy could! I loved the March 28th remark in particular, because Evan and I got married in Charleston in 2003 and rented South Carolina Society Hall for our reception. It is a beautiful, historic ballroom on Meeting Street in the heart of the historic section, and the perfect locale for a joyous occasion. Having familiarized myself when the building from planning my own party there, I can vividly imagine little Stephen Colbert, learning to ballroom dance as any youngster of good breeding should. How cute!

So here we are, on our wedding day, pictured on the steps to the building partially responsible for Stephen Colbert’s presentation into high society.




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