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Posted on Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 at 6:23 pm. About News and Politics, Ramblings.

Here we go again…

I’m too unimpassioned and not surprised to write a full diatribe on this one (because I’m so tired of making the same points), but here goes:

Basically, another evangelical leader of a large congregation announced he was homosexual and has resigned his post. It gives me fodder for reiterating the following:

1. Homosexuality is not a choice, just as heterosexuality was not a choice for most of us.
2. Becoming an evangelical minister will not make homosexuality disappear.
3. Telling homosexuals they are hell-bound and refusing them the basic rights allowed to heterosexual couples will not make one’s own homosexuality go away.
4. If you’re gay, God knows it.
5. It doesn’t matter if you used the methamphetamine you purchased or not – a man, evangelical or not, who regularly has sex with another man, is probably gay.
6. Having homosexual sex for years, secretly or not, whether you have a wife and kids or not, even if your partner was paid, still means that you’re gay. Sorry.

When are the right-wing holier-than-thous going to learn the true meaning of compassionate conservatism? Jesus consistently demonstrated compassion towards everyone he met – if evangelical leaders truly strive to be Christlike, then why aren’t they striving to do the same thing?

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