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Posted on Sunday, November 5th, 2006 at 4:54 pm. About News and Politics.

Maybe there’s something I’m not getting…?

At this point you would have to be in hiding not to have heard about Evangelical leader Ted Haggard and the accusation against him by Mike Jones, a man who claimed Haggard paid him for three years for homosexual sex. At first, Haggard denied ever knowing Jones. His cronies stood up for him and claimed that this was a diversion before the election. Then, on Friday Haggard admitted that he had purchased methamphetamine from Jones, but denied ever having used it. He also said he paid Jones for a massage, but never had sex with him. Of course, he might as well have admitted everything in full, because it sounded ridiculous.

Today, a letter from Haggard was read to his former congregation, as is outlined in this article. The point of my blog post derives from this portion of the article:

In the letter read Sunday, Haggard took responsibility for his actions, saying “I am guilty of sexual immorality” and noted that “the things I did opened the door for additional allegations.”

He asked the congregation to also forgive his accuser, who Haggard said has revealed “the deception … that was in my life.”

In a separate letter from Haggard’s wife, also read by Stockstill, Gayle Haggard said while her heart is broken, she remains “committed to him until death do us part.”

An overflow congregation responded to the announcement with a standing ovation.

It totally burns me up that his congregation gave this a standing ovation – not because I don’t believe in forgiveness, but because this body of people is likely comprised of opponents to gay marriage, to those who believe the homosexual lifestyle is disgusting and sinful, and who likely judge homosexual people on a daily basis. These are also the same people who were ready to publicly crucify Bill Clinton for a heterosexual affair, and then claimed they were so upset because he lied about it. Bill Clinton was not the nation’s spiritual leader – he was the president, not a prominent minister or rabbi or cleric. He also had not spoken in an openly harsh, judgmental way towards those that did engage in this sort of behavior. Yet Haggard’s followers probably still condemn him as an immoral being, yet they applaud Haggard. I suppose they do not even recognize their own hypocrisy.

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