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Feeling sorry for Madonna?  0

Posted on October 16th, 2006. About Ramblings.

Yes, I am feeling sorry for Madonna. She goes to Africa on a humanitarian mission (this does seem to be the “in” thing for celebrities these days), finds a young child in an orphanage in Malawi, and adopts him. Suddenly, the world goes crazy and decides she must be in it for the publicity, or that the adoption should be stopped because the child’s father may or may not have wanted him back should he have possibly remarried in the future. Give it a rest! This was a child in an orphanage – he was brought there by his father. Do those protesting this adoption honestly think this boy was better off remaining in an African orphanage than he will be now? I especially detest that, as part of MSNBC’s coverage, the child’s image is juxtaposed with that of Madonna’s onstage performance during which she wore her boob-cone bra at least fifteen years ago. When Angelina Jolie adopts an orphan, the press portrays her as a saint. When Madonna does the same thing she is scorned. Why? One could argue that Madonna’s past behavior implies a certain lack of morality. I would argue that Angelina and Billy Bob Thornton used to irritate me every time I read about one of the ludicrous things they did together (ie, tattooing each other’s names on themselves – and we all know how I feel about tattoos). That being said, I do admire what Angelina is doing with her time these days, and the wonderful example she sets with regard to caring for one’s fellow man.

Anyway – give Madonna a break. She’s doing a good thing!

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