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Feeling sorry for Madonna?  0

Posted on October 16th, 2006. About Ramblings.

Yes, I am feeling sorry for Madonna. She goes to Africa on a humanitarian mission (this does seem to be the “in” thing for celebrities these days), finds a young child in an orphanage in Malawi, and adopts him. Suddenly, the world goes crazy and decides she must be in it for the publicity, or that the adoption should be stopped because the child’s father may or may not have wanted him back should he have possibly remarried in the future. Give it a rest! This was a child in an orphanage – he was brought there by his father. Do those protesting this adoption honestly think this boy was better off remaining in an African orphanage than he will be now? I especially detest that, as part of MSNBC’s coverage, the child’s image is juxtaposed with that of Madonna’s onstage performance during which she wore her boob-cone bra at least fifteen years ago. When Angelina Jolie adopts an orphan, the press portrays her as a saint. When Madonna does the same thing she is scorned. Why? One could argue that Madonna’s past behavior implies a certain lack of morality. I would argue that Angelina and Billy Bob Thornton used to irritate me every time I read about one of the ludicrous things they did together (ie, tattooing each other’s names on themselves – and we all know how I feel about tattoos). That being said, I do admire what Angelina is doing with her time these days, and the wonderful example she sets with regard to caring for one’s fellow man.

Anyway – give Madonna a break. She’s doing a good thing!

“Kinky” for Governor? And don’t forget that L.C. Rocks!  1

Posted on October 8th, 2006. About Entertainment, News and Politics.

I recently spent four days in Austin, TX, hanging out with my brother, Tim. We had an awesome time! My brief trip was packed with *several* golf experiences, a concert featuring an ‘80s cover band, some great meals, and a trip to an amazing art museum, among other things. We also revisited an American film classic, Robin Hood: Men in Tights (by the way, Dave Chappelle was in it – who would have thought?). Best of all, though, I just really enjoyed hanging out with Tim and observing his life and meeting his friends.

PA050074 Tim and I were on the golf course twice during my four days in Austin. I only made it through nine of the eighteen holes on day 2. Many Happy Gilmore quotes were tossed around.

PA060091This was an amazing installation at the Blanton Art Museum on the U. of Texas campus, entitled “How to Build Cathedrals.” Black shroud drapes the exhibition, which consists of a pool of 600,000 pennies lying beneath 2,000 illuminated long bones dangling from the ceiling above. It’s quite eery.

PA050077L.C. Rocks is an awesome ‘80s cover band that plays each Thursday night at Cedar Street. I came in hopes of hearing tunes by Journey, Guns N Roses, and Billy Idol, and I was not disappointed. I think the chick in the lower left corner is the wife of one of the performers.

PA050076There is a candidate for Texas governor named Kinky Friedman on the November ballot. He identifies himself as a Jewish cowboy, and is featured usually wearing black, a cowboy hat, and smoking a cigar. His official campaign slogan is “Why the hell not?” Thus, his campaign bumper stickers read: “Kinky for Governor: Why the hell not?” I particularly appreciated this one: “My Governor is a Jewish Cowboy.”  Unfortunately for his supporters, despite bringing in Jesse “The Mind” (Tim tells me this is his new nickname) Ventura for support, Kinky only holds 14% of the state’s vote in the most recent polls, which means – Austin likes him, but he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in the rest of the red state. Like Dallas is going to elect someone named “Kinky.”

Overall, an entertaining and educational trip!

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