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Posted on September 27th, 2006. About Books.

I’ve been away from consistent blogging recently – while I know you have heard this excuse from me, I have gone into survival mode during the month of September in order to survive stretches of on-call nights and long days at work. My October vacation is rapidly approaching, though!

I have also neglected to post several books I have read lately. While I’ll finish nowhere near 50 before the conclusion of 2006, it is still fun to catalogue leisurely reading.

Book #8: Rental Houses for the Successful Small Investor by: Suzanne P. Thomas; pages: 256.

Book #9: Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen; pages: 292.

Book #10: Who Moved My Cheese? by: Spencer Johnson, MD; pages: 94.

Evan and I are in the process of entering the real estate market as investors, so we have been reading up a bit on the topic. Rental Houses for the Successful Small Investor provided me with a decent overview of the day-to-day issues of having tenants, rental contracts, and cash flow goals. I do worry a bit about the author, however, as she seems to be operating as either a sole proprietor or a general partner, depending on the particular house she owns. I’m a little too squeamish about personal liability not to shelter my assets in a corporation, LLC, or LP.

I absolutely adored Pride and Prejudice, and chided myself when I finished it for not having read it years ago. Not only is it one of the most romantic (but not sappy) stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading, but the splendor of Austen’s writing in capturing the time period is astonishing. My friend, Beth, has been an Austen fan for years, and showed me the latest film adaptation of the novel just prior to my having finished the book. A gorgeous movie! I’ve probably watched it three times in the past three months. 🙂 Perfectly casted with beautiful landscapes, a soundtrack that evokes emotion, and an excellent presentation of the story – true to the text while improving on it at times (I love that the initial proposal scene between Elizabeth and Darcy occurs outdoors in the rain in the film as opposed to indoors in the book). The reading experience was one that left me feeling quite melancholy once it had ended – I wanted there to be more, but sadly the story concluded.

Who Moved My Cheese? is cheating – counting as a book completed although it took me an hour total to complete it. Some of the pages only have three or four lines on them. The story is simple – a metaphor for success, and how those who cling to the past and remain complacent miss great opportunities while those who venture into the maze and take risk are likely to gain. I was told to read it as a comfort for feeling rather depressed lately about my job, but instead, what I took away was that I needed to be even more aggressive about taking calculated risks and entering the business world if I ever wanted to change my situation.

I’m currently in the midst of three different books – two non-fiction (one about nutrition, the other about establishing corporations), and yesterday I began studying T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland, a piece of poetry I have wanted to experience ever since studying his Four Quartets in 1998. Burnt Norton remains my favorite poetic work. However, when I read anything by Eliot, I grow angry and frustrated that I cannot possess the literarybrilliance that he did. What a writer!


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  • Books Read – 10/50 – 20.0%
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