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Down Side to Alternative Energy  1

Posted on August 16th, 2006. About Uncategorized.

I ran across this article this morning as I perused financial sites prior to catching the bus (or shall I say, “electric trolley” – there’s some smug I’m putting into the atmosphere). It outlines concerns about ethanol as an alternative fuel source and how it could potentially lead to greater world hunger. I can understand how growing fuel would strip soil of minerals over time, making it more difficult to produce crops. Fine. So where is the electric car?

Evan and I saw Who Killed the Electric Car? a few weeks ago, and it was both interesting and sad. I was considering the possibility of an electric car in Seattle, and how an EV1 would suit my needs here. When I do drive, the distance is well within the limits of the EV1. If plug-in stations were located around the city as gas stations are, then it would not be a problem for the huge majority of commuters. Our electricity comes predominantly from hydroelectric power, so no problems there either. No questions of hunger, pollution, Global Warming…too bad they are not even available for purchase.

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