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Congratulations Joanie!  1

Posted on July 23rd, 2006. About Uncategorized.

Many of you have heard me gush in the past about my cousin, Shannan Wilson, and how proud I have been of her impressive modeling career. Evan has observed as I have rambled about Shannan, and the excitement that comes with seeing a loved one on tv, in magazines, etc. Now, he can experience that pride first-hand!

Evan’s cousin, Joanie Dodds, was recently named runner-up on Tyra Banks’ UPN reality show, America’s Next Top Model. I remember the first time I met Joanie – Evan and I had been together for almost a year, and drove back from Wisconsin via Pennsylvania to return home to SC in 1998. We spent several days with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Joanie, even at 16, was very striking, and we laughed on the way home about how fortunate she was to have a strong family and sense of values, because she was gorgeous and might run wild otherwise. 8)

We have enjoyed pouring over her America’s Next Top Model portfolio, blog, MySpace page, Wikipedia entry, and fan site, mostly because she seems to have maintained her true sense of self without becoming tarnished by her new-found fame. It is very touching that the first photo that scrolls across her MySpace page is one of her father (Evan’s Uncle John) and grandfather (Grandpa Dodds) (and proof that she has visited Doddsnet in the past). 😀

Congratulations Joanie! We’re so excited for you!

Needle Stick Follow up  1

Posted on July 23rd, 2006. About Ramblings.

I recently blogged about a scalpel stick injury I received while working last year and I felt it was time for a follow-up. I sent letters to my state senator, Adam Kline, and to my state representatives, Sharon Tomiko Santos and Eric Pettigrew, outlining the incident and how frustrating it was not to be able to test the source patient without his consent.

This morning, Evan and I listened to our messages on the answering machine (we haven’t been home much over the past two days), and we found that Senator Kline had called me on Friday afternoon! He received my letter and has reviewed the statute referring to specific incidents such as this, and has asked me to call him for further discussion. So on Monday, I will do just that. 🙂

I am delighted that, not only did my senator actually read my letter (one never knows!), but took the time to call me and to research the issue a bit. I will keep you posted…

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