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The Infamous Shoulder Rub  0

Posted on July 22nd, 2006. About News and Politics.

I absolutely loved the look of disgust on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s face in response to a shoulder rub spontaneously given to her by our president during a G8 Summit Meeting.


I swear, just when I think that W Bush cannot embarrass our nation any further, he does not fail to astonish. I understand that the Middle East is falling apart, that the first Bush veto involved refusing a bill for stem cell research, and that oil prices are rising. But when I saw this (initially on The Daily Show, and then on all of the major news websites, except for FoxNews, obviously), I let a loud groan escape.

The most powerful leader in Germany, and the only major female leader in a room of international figures, is getting a shoulder rub from the American president. What made this actually funny was that, following a notable grimace, she threw his hands off of her. Jon Stewart compared it to a move used to defend oneself against date rape. I had to wonder – what the heck was Bush thinking?! And then I had to wonder – why do I keep asking myself that ridiculous question?!

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