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It is “An Inconvenient Truth,” but Seattleites are getting the message  0

Posted on June 21st, 2006. About Ramblings.

Evan and I saw An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary currently playing in theaters across the nation which features Al Gore and a talk he has given for years on the effects of global warming. I believe it excellently illustrates the inanity of statements from politicians claiming that global warming is not real. I see global warming like I see evolution or plate techtonics – the scientific evidence supporting its existence is overwhelming, and the scientific community acknowledges that it is fact. Yet, a few select “leaders” choose to deny the reality of global warming. Gore is right – it is because the truth is too inconvenient for many of them. I think it is appalling to label those who care about the environment as crazy, liberal hippy types. Somewhere along the way it became very unpopular to preserve our environment. I wonder where these people plan on living as we continue to destroy the earth?

However, more families in the Seattle area continue to recognize this inconvenient truth and find ways to conveniently arrange their lives in such ways that are less harmful to their surroundings. An article in the local paper a few weeks back featured a family in Issaquah who ditched the cars and now only commute using bicycles, public transportation (many of our buses are actually electric trollies, powered by hydroelectric power – very clean!), and their feet. Tonight, Anderson Cooper 360 featured a Seattle family that also said farewell to their vehicle in order to do their part. They are by all reasonable accounts “normal,” a husband and wife with their three children, living in a house (not on a hippy commune), and employed (not sitting around smoking pot and watching lava lamps). Furthermore, their commutes have aided them in getting into shape!

Why is it so impossible to start implementing such changes? No one is asking people to completely give up their beloved gas guzzlers entirely, but why not cut back on the amount of driving/gasoline/smog output? If you live two miles from work, why is it such an insane notion to ride a bicycle? For those of you in rural areas without good, safe ways to get around, I think it’s a shame that your towns are not installing sidewalks and bike lanes to encourage the transportation to which I am referring. If I were the mayor of Irmo, SC, my primary project upon first entering office would be to get a sidewalk installed down Shady Grove Road, through Old Tamah Road in front of Dutch Fork High School, and continuing down Kennerly Road where it would end at Broad River/Hwy 76. It’s a total of four miles of sidewalk, and just think of all of the kids who could either walk or ride their bikes to school rather than DRIVING. We’re encouraging the same habits by not providing kids with a good way to get themselves to school. (Anyone living in Irmo, SC, feel free to borrow this idea and implement it should you become the mayor of this thriving metropolis.)

Food for thought. As for me – I will be pumping air into my bicycle tires tomorrow morning prior to leaving for work, putting plenty of “smug” into the atmosphere to replace the smog. 8)

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