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What’s in the news today, I wonder?  0

Posted on June 6th, 2006. About News and Politics.

Ahhh, ’twas the question on my mind as I mindlessly typed in this morning (I need to stop defaulting to CNN simply because it is easy to type). Here were my choices for news stories on the home page:

Indianapolis suspect ‘started shooting everybody’ – Wow, started shooting everybody?! How horrifying and simultaneously irresistibly interesting – maybe we should all sit glued to the tv today to learn of the latest breaking developments.
Iran: Nuclear plan ‘positive’ and ‘ambiguous’ What a positively ambiguous headline.
Doctors remove baby’s third arm – Whew, thank the Lord. My sleep has been plagued by images of that third arm – now life can return to normal.
Radio station caters to rapists, killers, robbers – Stuffed salmon and macaroni?
‘Night Stalker’ wants a new murder trial – Well, since we’re not biasing potential jurors against the defendant in the media, why not give him a new trial?
Suspected hit-and-run grannies plead not guilty – Look both ways before crossing the street lest you get mowed down by some hit-and-run granny.
5 shot, 3 killed, in West Virginia home – Ugh!
Tiny officer gets help taking down 6’11” suspect – Nothing like stripping a police officer of a bit of dignity. Would you want to be known as the tiny officer?
6-6-6: Is our number really up? – God only knows.

Why do I even bother with the mass media? From this point, I am officially forcing my fingers not to easily type “,” but I vow to go the extra mile to type “” or “” instead. Time to move on – I think I learn more from The Daily Show and several of my fellow bloggers anyway.

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