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A Busy Two Weeks  0

Posted on May 21st, 2006. About Uncategorized.

Wow, so it has been a while since my last blog posting. Evan and I have been away on several trips. I complained when I learned last June that my department put two of my three vacation weeks together at the end of the year (my year runs much like a school year, from July 1st through June 30th). The months flew by, however, and before I knew it my two weeks off had arrived. We travelled to Buffalo, NY for my sister-in-law’s graduation from SUNY – Buffalo, and then flew from this location to Houston, TX for two graduations – my cousins had finished at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. Evan and I really enjoyed our time with our families, and I write this with great honesty. Being with our mothers near or on Mother’s Day weekend, hanging out with our siblings, and just catching up with our families – wow, what a great week.

Here are some comments about which I have wanted to blog, inspired by the trip:

A) If you must bring small children to something as monumental in a person’s life as, say, a college graduation, take them outside if they start screaming. However, under absolutely NO circumstances do you allow all THREE of your children to run and play in the aisles.

B) Uncle Randy gave us a fascinating tour of the (outside of the) Huntsville Prison in between graduations, notorious for putting more prisoners to death each year than any other U.S. facility. His grandparents lived down the street from the building, so he was able to give some interesting first-person accounts.

C) Continental Airlines fed us breakfast on the flight to Buffalo, and they fed us lunch on the way to Houston. All flights and connectors were on time. No complaints!

Once we returned to Seattle, we packed the car and headed to Montana for our camping trip. After a night at a small campground in Clinton, MT, we made it to Yellowstone National Park the following day. Gorgeous sites! My favorites were a sapphire pool and the “Artist’s Paint Pots” (those of you who have seen the park will know what these are). Our trip also included a day through Glacier National Park, a night of camping in a wide-open field in Alberta, Canada (with 50+ mph wind gusts, this was an interesting experience). We ended up coming home a day early and are now watching our recorded final episode of Will and Grace.

Good to be back – more to come later!

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