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Posted on May 9th, 2006. About Ramblings.

First of all, I’m consumed by the thought that, after 8:00 tonight, I am officially on paid vacation for two weeks. I look forward to seeing my sister-in-law, Catherine, graduate from SUNY – Buffalo on Thursday (to progress on to medical school at Columbia P&S in the fall!), and then to seeing my two cousins, Nathan and Katherine (this one with a “K”) graduate from Sam HoustonĀ State UĀ in Huntsville, TX on Saturday. Evan and I will have the chance to see our mothers during this week, appropriately since Sunday is Mother’s Day. Once we return to Seattle, we are embarking on a week-long camping trip to some of the Northwest’s national parks – Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier/Waterton. On the way home we fully expect to stop at some of the Washington vineyards in the Yakima Valley. Then, I will have one month remaining of my intern year, and will become an upper-level resident on July 1st. Life continues to be swell.

However, I digress – the purpose of this post is actually to blog about a couple of things that captured my attention. First, I ordered an official copy of my birth certificate to have for my personal records. I noticed that there is a line with my father’s full name, and beneath this is a line designated for describing his occupation. Then, there is a line for my mother’s name, and NO LINE FOR HER OCCUPATION. Ahhh, Texas in 1978 – I suppose women weren’t expected to have careers at that time. I think if I were my mother, a college-educated high school teacher, I would have written my occupation beneath my name with arrows in the margins highlighting the lack of space for this information.

Second – I found this article very exciting. To continue my health and fitness diatribe, the article describes an obese man’s journey as he walks across the United States. He began his journey last year in California at well over 400 pounds and is expected to arrive in New York next week, having lost about 100 pounds along the way. I hope he inspires at least a couple of people to start walking to work rather than driving, or convinces them to start exercising even just three days a week for 30 minutes at a time. He alone, by inspiring three people to get in shape, could, by preventing three cases of diabetes, save the healthcare system literally millions of dollars. Of course, I definitely thought he deserved mention in a blog post.

Finally – along those same lines, I decided not to pack my lunch today because I’m leaving town for two weeks and didn’t think it was worth it to buy a loaf of bread, fresh fruit that would go bad, etc. The free lunch today at our Chairman’s Lecture was pizza – very tasty, but extremely greasy (soaked through the bottom of the three paper plates it was stacked on) pizza, with only soda to drink. I had two slices (after doing the middle school thing where I patted napkins over the top of each slice to soak up the orange oil) and felt happily satiated, and not too regretful because I ran this morning, but just weird. I recently posted on how easy it is to eat healthily – and I think, for those willing to pack lunches and to invest in the right foods, it is, but for those who try to find food once they have already left their homes, it can be a bit more challenging.

Have a lovely rest-of-the-week, and if I don’t post while I’m on vacation, there should be much to say once I am back.

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