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Achieving Yuppiedom  4

Posted on March 24th, 2006. About Ramblings.

Yesterday, it was brought to my attention that Evan and I are yuppies. A little context: at the end of August Evan and I had our first party in our new condo. A good friend of ours had a friend in from out-of-town that weekend, so she brought him to our party. They stayed for a bit, talked to some people, and then left early for their high school class reunion. Well, yesterday it came up that her friend didn’t care for our party because there were “just a bunch of yuppies” there.

My first reaction was, of course we’re yuppies. Then I realized he had meant this in a negative way. I recountered this to Evan, and he agreed that we are yuppies, explaining that the term stands for “young urban professionals.” When I searched for the term on Wikipedia this morning, I found that he was correct – it is explained here. I will include an excerpt here:

“Yuppie, short for “Young Urban Professional,” describes a demographic of people comprising baby boomers as well as people in their late twenties and early thirties. Yuppies tend to hold jobs in the professional sector, with incomes that place them in the upper-middle economic class. The term “Yuppie” emerged in the early 1980s as an ironic echo of the earlier “hippies” and “yippies” who had rejected the materialistically oriented values of the business community. Although the original yuppies were “young,” the term now applies as well to people of middle age.”

The article goes on to describe the Yuppie stereotype, people who are materialistic and selfish. They drive cars like BMWs and SUVs, and they spend a lot of money on gaudy items to show off their wealth. I find this very amusing, not just because I still drive my 1998 Saturn SL that I have driven since my freshman year in college, but because the only thing we have really ever spent money on is our condo in order to enjoy a view of Seattle’s skyline; skylines have always brought me great joy, but I don’t think I will ever be able to purchase one.

But rather than growing defensive over a judgmental term, I’ll break the comment down this way. I am 27 years old (young), live in Seattle (urban), and have been a practicing physician for nearly a year (professional). In the truest sense of the word, am I a Yuppie? Hell yeah! 🙂

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