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Posted on Monday, February 27th, 2006 at 12:34 pm. About Sports.

The Winter Olympics – Part 3

I’ll subtitle this one: “Another beef I have with the Media.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics this year, but what has driven me nuts is the media commentary. Many of the commentators are so negative, focusing on mistakes athletes have made or what should have been done differently. When Lindsay Jacobellis fell in the snowboarding competition, they hung her out to dry. Every interview I saw directly after the event was so demoralizing – do you wish you hadn’t been celebrating on that last stretch? How does it feel to know that the gold medal was yours, and you lost it at the last second? Why don’t they just add – don’t you feel like a total failure? That life is now meaningless? You lousy silver medalist!

When Apolo Ohno won the bronze medal at the start of the games, the interviews again were terribly negative. Ohno’s answer was wonderful – that he didn’t see how anyone could think that winning a bronze medal at the Olympics is a bad thing. But the press continued to harp on this, acting as though Ohno had failed the whole nation by not beating the South Koreans in front of him. He seemed fine with it – but the press wasn’t. Is this because we’re so self-righteous that we believe we have to be the best at absolutely everything? Part of what I love about the Winter Olympics is that it isn’t a given that the U.S. will win everything – it’s truly an international competition.

I, for one, look forward to watching the events in person in Vancouver four years from now. No commentators, no media – just sitting in the stands and seeing events unfold before me.

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