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Posted on February 5th, 2006. About Uncategorized.

First of all, GO SEAHAWKS!! Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and I’m hoping for a Seahawks victory in Detroit. Unfortunately I’m on call today and will not make it to the follow up party at Rob “Dizzle” Gruen’s house (the NFC party was there two weeks ago), but I suppose a hospital is equipped with hundreds of televisions.

So yes, I am on call today. Besides being on call for just about every holiday this year and now for the Super Bowl, I’m actually excited about today’s duties. I finally started my Harborview neurology month. Harborview is the level I trauma center for the entire Pacific Northwest – the ER stays full all day and throughout the night, and the hospital’s capacity nears 100% at any given time. The other night while I was admitting a patient in the ER, a methanol (wood alcohol) ingestion came in, followed by a guy with a huge piece of glass sticking out of his eye, followed by a guy whose legs had been smashed in an accident. Then, there are people on gurneys in the hall, awaiting admission for alcohol withdrawal. It is quite an experience. In any case, I have already seen quite a few strokes and seizures. It’s a great reminder of why I chose neurology!

Finally – Evan and I went to the Columbia Winery yesterday for our first Wine Club shipment pick-up – their 2004 Barbera, Alder Ridge from Yakima Valley, and the 2002 Cabernet Franc, Red Willow Vineyard from Yakima Valley. Our membership also grants us an included Reserve Tasting every two months when we retrieve our shipments. Que magnifico!

Off for a thirty hour shift. It is another every-fourth-night-of-call month again, although my last one of my intern year (the remaining months are every fifth night). Again, Go Seahawks!

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