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Go Seahawks!!!  0

Posted on January 22nd, 2006. About Sports.


I am so excited! I have never given a rip about NFL football, but when Evan and I moved to our condo, we found we had a very clear view of Qwest Stadium, home of the Seattle Seahawks. On game days the stadium is lit in a brilliant blue, the team’s color. 🙂 Towards the end of October the intrigue with this team grew within Seattle – a team that has pretty much been down on its luck for the three decades of its existence was winning. Hmm…

In December the enthusiasm was evident. People (like yours truly) who traditionally hated NFL football were talking about the Seahawks. Seattlites were psyched! On December 24th the Seahawks defeated the Colts, and suddenly talk turned to – what if we made it to the Super Bowl? We won home field advantage, a boost for the city as thousands were sure to flood in through the Sea-Tac airport on the weekends (and they have!). I watched Seattle overtake Washington (how ironic) last weekend, and this weekend, a group of eight of us yelled for our team as they defeated the Carolina Panthers in a 34-14 victory.

So now it’s on to the Super Bowl. Some of you are probably saying – but who cares about football? I cannot describe it properly, but there is a sense of pride in knowing that a team unexpected to do anything significant has given my new town a reason to be excited.

And by the way – it did not rain today. It was a gorgeous day full of sun! 😀

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