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Posted on December 8th, 2005. About Books.

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I have recently found the inspiration required in order to write a good, complete story. I would claim to be writing a book, but A) I don’t know how long it will be, and B) I may get sick of writing it at page 40 (which has happened twice before). I have a day off tomorrow and look forward to working on an outline and character summaries.
On that same note, my friend, Jenna, spent 2005 attempting to read 50 books and/or 15,000 pages within the year. I think she’s on ~ book 39, but knowing her, she will not sleep the final two weeks of December in order to achieve her goal. I seriously doubt I could read that many books in 2006, but I am playing with the idea. I have reached a point where I watch too much television and could use a good dose of intellectualism again, especially given how nostalgic I have grown recently over my college days. I will put together my ideal list of the 50 books I would like to finish – some will be new for me, and others re-reads of what I used to enjoy but have not touched in nearly a decade – and I’ll post it. Keep in mind that whenever the final Harry Potter book is published, whatever I am reading at that time will be dropped in order to learn whether Harry or Voldemort ultimately survives. The same goes with anything new that Jonathan Safran Foer may complete – all else gets tossed aside to indulge myself with his next novel/essay/anthology.
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