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$690,000 for a 1975 Ford Escort  0

Posted on October 30th, 2005. About Ramblings.

Previously posted on October 30, 2005 at:!1p1a54g1PSNkhyBLLbfi4i8A!136.entry

I ran across this article this morning – there are several interesting points here:
A) The 1975 Ford that was purchased for $690,000 was owned by Pope John Paul II, and
B) The man who purchased it is Baptist.
Awwww, so a religious man wanted to own the car the Pope drove. He must be a wonderful person!
Oh…but then there’s more:
C) This Baptist man, who claims he wants to own the car so he can touch it and feel the Pope’s spirit, owns 600 cars, and he became wealthy because:
D) He made his fortune in a multi-billion dollar tobacco settlement.
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