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Posted on Friday, October 7th, 2005 at 7:05 am. About Home.

Big step towards maturity…

I have never painted walls. Ever. Up until this point, I:
  • Never had the desire to do so while living with my mother as a child/adolescent.
  • Lived in the college dormitories and was not allowed to paint the walls.
  • Rented during medical school and, again, was not allowed to paint the walls.

Evan and I bought a condo in May, and after months of tormenting myself with questions such as – “What if I screw it up?” or “What if I drip on the new carpet?” or “What if I hate the color?” I have finally worked up the courage to try it. I have lived with white walls for too long (or, as my friend, Beth, has informed me, the current color is actually “bone,” even worse than “white”). My mother is in town from South Carolina and has graciously agreed to assist me, having painted numerous times and with a knack for decorating.

So here goes – hopefully my walls will still love me, and when Evan arrives home this evening, his home will not look the same. Hopefully I will not be convincing him that paint drips on carpet are all the rage and that it was supposed to turn out that way. Heh.

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