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Posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2005 at 10:14 pm. About Ramblings.

A city without roaches? No way!

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My brother and I spent our formative years in Houston before moving to South Carolina as young children. This means many things, including an intense phobia concerning roaches. This morning we were talking about how these creepy, crawling, multi-legged bugs give us more than the creeps. If either of us sees one at some point during the day or comes close to one, we have nightmares about them. We then cannot sleep in fear of them crawling up our legs. I do not use the word “hate” often, but I hate roaches.
That being said – after my move to Seattle this spring, I did not see a single roach this summer. Not one. To those of you in the South, New York City, or any of a vast number of U.S. locations, you may be going – WHAT?! How is that possible? Well, I did not believe it either. Amazing. An entire summer – a roach-free season. Not a single nightmare. Then, in mid-September I flew to Houston to visit my family, and in a very nice, well air-conditioned and clean middle class home, while I was taking a shower, a big one crawled across the inside of the shower curtain. Upon my return to Seattle after that weekend – no more roaches.
It’s a beautiful thing to live without obnoxious freaky insects. I am posting this to share with my brother that, yes, it is possible to live away from them. All it requires is a move to the Pacific Northwest. 😉

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